WFPMA (世界人事協会連盟)会長のBob Morton氏からの速報Webinarに関するお知らせ

Dear Member,
Are you curious whether you have the same people management priorities as more than 6,600 professionals worldwide?
Be part of our exclusive webinar to learn more about our latest findings in the Creating People Advantage Study-a WFPMA and BCG collaboration and the world's most renowned and longest-running study on people management trends in organizations. Together with our BCG experts, we will discuss which topics are on the minds of more than 6,600 professionals in 113 countries around the world, including:

  • Which HR topics should lead your agenda?
  • What is the future role of HR?
  • How valuable are personalized employee experiences?

Please register for one of the three time slots that is most convenient for you:

For more information please visit the WFPMA website at or contact the WFPMA Secretariat
We look forward to your participation!
Kind regards,
Bob Morton
WFPMA President


以下の独占的なウェビナーに参加して、Creating People Advantage Studyの最新の調査結果について詳しく学んで下さい。

  • どの人事トピックがあなたの優先議題ですか?
  • 人事の将来の役割は何ですか?
  • 従業員の独自の経験はどれほど価値がありますか?


ボブ・モートン WFPMA会長